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I am Jai Ma Yogi, passionate about spiritual awakening and living life to it's true purpose. 

My commitment is to empower others to discover their spiritual and life purpose through the sacred and authentic teachings of the Himalayan Yogic  Vedic Traditions, The Ancient Spiritual Practices of Indigenous Cultures like Shamanism and the Distinctions of Transformation acquired as a devotional Life Coach.

I am a Certified 500 HR Sattva Yoga Teacher trained in the Himalayas, a Shamanic Healing Practitioner member of the Foundation of the Shamanic Studies and also trained from several spiritual teachers in retreats, temples and ashrams in countries like  India, Thailand, Colombia and Indonesia.



Jai Ma  It’s a beautiful  phrase or mantra  that invoke the creative forces in the universe. And more specifically, our acknowledgement and gratitude to them.  Jai ma is a common expression meaning “victory to the divine feminine,” representing shakti, or divine feminine energy. 

When we say the mantra, we connect to the feminine forces, which not only give creation to new things, but can also have a changing impact in the old ones.

I  express my own creativity in connection with the Divine Feminine, The Helping Spirits guidance and the sacredness of the  Sattva yoga teachings to walk you into a life full of Joy and Possibility.

Sattva (pronounced satt*wa) means whole, complete, balance, truth. It is more than a physical practice. Sattva Yoga is the unity of many yogic paths. Developed in the Himalayas over a decade ago by Anand Mehrotra, it brings together meditation, hatha postures, vinyasa flows, kriyas, mantras, free movement and wisdom. 



This practice is intended to cleanse, detox, heal and connect you to the power of your heart and mind.

The class will incorporate the use of powerful techniques using the energy of your own body and spirit and connecting it to the nature of existence around you. 

Kriyas are used with mantras, the body, the breath and mudras for a specific outcome developing your potentiality and developing your apparatus capacity by changing your brain chemistry and helping you transcend physiologically tendencies, balance your nervous system and speed up your blood circulation. You will feel rejuvenated and will be able to enjoy your regular yoga and meditation practices in a much deeper level that can be also transferred to your every day life.



The practice of Meditation is intended to clean the mind and learn how be aware of the voice that is always talking to you.. which voice ? The one that is talking to you right now!

 You are not trying to turn off your thoughts or feelings. You are learning to observe them without judgment and eventually, you may start to better understand them as well.

  With the practice of consistent Himalayan Meditation you surrender to truth and open yourself to unconditional love. Guiding you to go beyond fear and doubt, It will help you to go deeper into your heart and experience yourself in your true nature as light and love.

 This is also the perfect practice if you are ready to free yourself from the grips of your past and open to the potential of your true, infinite nature. 

Himalayan Meditation is teach follow by music, mantras and kriyas.

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Prana means vital energy or life force, Ayama means extension or expansion.

Pranayama is referred to as a breath practice; it is expansion of life force . When we breathe consciously we are expanding energy in our physical and spiritual bodies.

 Most of us don't know how to breathe properly. We take shallow breaths as if we are afraid of what breath does. But breath is vital energy or life force to our bodies. Breathing heavily and deeply energize and feed our bodies. 

By breathing slowly, steadily and consciously you will calm your mind. As you change your rate of breathing, you change your state of mind.

The Practice has several techniques that allow you to be present, grounded and relaxed and at the same time expanding your consciousness. These techniques focus on both sides of the brain (left and right) balancing your masculine and feminine energy and the two currents of the spine to reach the divine spiritual power within you. The sacred inner presence is the divine within, the sacred light and love that illumines each of us and guides us to union with the One,  




Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and moreover, is a way to connect with nature and all elements of mother nature. Shamanic journeys and healing are spiritual practices that allow exponential growth of both body and soul. The goal is to create internal and external harmony with all creations.

Students are taken through a shamanic journey, supported by drumming and other techniques to experience the shamanic state of consciousness and for awakening dormant spiritual abilities, including healing and guidance.



1. Power Animal Retrieval 

During a power animal retrieval, as a Shamanic Practitioner, I will  journey into the spirit world on your behalf to meet with your power animal.

Once the power animal identifies itself, it will release some its power to me who will restore that power to you.

2. Shamanic Extraction 

Removal of spiritual intrusions or energies that simply do not belong

3. Psycho Pomp Work

 Helping/guiding souls who have passed

Sessions are typically 90 minutes in duration and may consist of one or more treatments. Toronto kundalini yoga yoga studio



We all have experienced times in our lives where we can't see much clarity or we experience the same patterns keep repeating over and over again leaving us dis empowered and not willing to commit anymore whether is about to start a new relationship, personal achievements, family or professional career.

I have taken several programs from Landmark Worldwide leader in personal and professional growth including the Introduction Leaders Program. 

This intensive training in the distinctions of transformation allows me to express the ability to speak in a way that leaves you with new opportunities to take action in your live in a way that you can see for yourself what’s possible in being human and act on those possibilities. 





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Kriya Yoga Designed For Tinnitus and Relaxation

6:30 pm-7:45 pm

The Studio

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Kriya Yoga Designed For Tinnitus and Relaxation

6:30 pm-7:45 pm

The Studio


Pranayama Kriyas Free Movement And Meditation

3:15 PM - 4:30 PM

The Studio

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Pranayama Kriyas Free Movement And Meditation

3:15 PM - 4:30 PM

The Studio


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